This year alone Phil has released three albums; Jammed, an instrumental album featuring jams with other musicians, Roundabout an instrumental album featuring only himself and his equipment and recorded during concerts or soundchecks, and Dream Again, a vocal release featuring some of his latest creations.

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Philip Tyler Keaggy was born in Youngstown, Ohio on March 23, 1951. After his father gave him his first guitar as a young boy, his life in music was set in motion.

Phil started playing clubs when he was in the eighth grade. His cheif love and desire was to learn to play and sing better. After a playing in a few different bands throughout junior and senior high school both in California and in Ohio, he hooked up with school chums John Sferra and Daniel Pecchio in 1968 forming the band The Glass Harp. By 1970 they had a record deal with Decca and embarked on U.S. tour and played Carnegie Hall.

Phil decided to go solo in 1972 and released his first solo album, What A Day later that year. From that first solo release continued a legacy of   ever changing, experimental and ground breaking albums.

Throughout his career, Keaggy has recorded around fifty albums making his style difficult to categorize. Some would say his style ranges from screaming electric rock to progressive, jazz, blues, classical, fingerstyle and pop. Many have compared his vocal style to that of Paul McCartney. His influences have included Elvis Presley, Ravel, The Ventures, the Gearge Harrison, Everly Brothers, Edvard Grieg, Chopin, Michael Hedges, Debussy, The Beatles, Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth, Jimi Hendrix, Clapton, Michael Bloomfield, Jimmy Page and many more.

The last few years have seen Phil rejoin his Glass Harp bandmates performing sporadically and releaseing new and vintage material with the band.