Welcome to guitarrgirl.com where you can find info on some of my favorite guitars, musicians, songs, videos and artwork.

The site is just beginning, so keep checking back for updates. (I know the site hasn't changed much in a while. I have had sooo many computer problems and have been offline for a long time.)

I am currently working on a complete overhaul. So stay tuned and have patience.

If you are a family member and were referred to this site for family photos or videos stay tuned for more content and special access priveledges. For now use the links provided in emails to view files.

To see my portfolio click here.

To see the pics I took at the 2007 San Diego Mud Run click here.

To check out more of my photos click here at TrekLens.

Thanks for stopping by. . .




Here are some projects I've done for school:

CIS213 SP07

GD222 FA07



My dog Cheye gets to meet the coolest people...

watch here



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